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Product sophistication, foreign exchange earning, capital diversification, scale benefit 

★ Business philosophy
Adhere to integration, fine management, fine product
Strong strength, large scale, return to society

★ Management philosophy
Bring people together by culture, control humanity by system, achieve success by brand
Create value by "people, cost, capital and intelligence"

★ Factory governing strategy
Set up factory by high quality, build factory by diligence, management factory by strict management and revitalize factory by technological progress

★ Entrepreneurial spirit
Cooperation with absolute sincerity, advancing with times, have the courage to fight and learn innovation

★Managing people
Promote people with both talent and morality
Cultivate people with morality but moderate talent
Restrict hiring people with talent but low morality
Refuse people without talent and morality

★Corporate soul
Cultivate first-class staff;
Build first-class team;
Implement first-class management;
Product first-class products;
Create first-class brand.

★Corporate motto
Survival is the top priority and seeking development is the objective of struggle
Endure the pain cannot be endured by others, bear hardships cannot be endured by others and harvest the fruits cannot be harvested by others

★ Staff spirit
Promote the work spirit of confidence, perseverance, determination, creativity and pleasure, cost-saving, discipline compliance and rejecting violation operation

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Address: Hongsai Road, Ningxia Fine Chemical Base of Hongyazi Industrial Park, Pingluo County, Ningxia, ChinaZip code:753403 Tel: +86-951-7688858 Fax: +86-951-7688868 Email: [email protected]